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Juleeyaaan ♥

Nako, if only I have so much time, for sure, tambay na naman ako neto sa Tumblr. Hahahaha :3

Sa wakas, natapos rin yung website na ginagawa ko. Ang sarap sa feeling. Achievement! HAHAHA :D Salamat kay friend na tumulong >:D<


Enjoy the ride


★★★ more quotes here ★★★


[ i l o v e w o r d s ]


Dear You,

I don’t know your name. I don’t know who you are or where you are or when we will ever meet. I don’t know whether or not you are already in my life somewhere. I don’t even know if you exist in this lifetime. I’d like to believe you’re walking this earth someplace, but sometimes I’m not…


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